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Feature list - MSP 24Translate Interface


  • Extending existing XLIFF functionalities in censhare for automated exchange of documents

  • This allows the sending of XLIFF documents for translation using a REST interface directly via the Internet

  • In the translation requests, are predefined parameters such as contact, quality or phone contact of the client

  • In addition to the content of an XML text document, any existing metadata field can additionally be added to the translation order and are joined

  • The indication of the length limitation of the translation (XLiff V.1.2, max width) is supported

  • All parameters for Internet access to the REST interface of the translation 24Translate service are configurable

  • The process can be controlled completely via events

  • The handing over of a text can e.g. be started by WorkFlow

  • Translated results can be imported automatically back in censhare after completion on the part of the service in a timely manner

  • Status and success of the process is easity logged using metadata on the Asset